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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Candidates

  • Q: Must I be a resident of Nevada to be licensed?
    No. Nevada residency is not required.

  • Q: How often is the Nevada examination given?
    In Las Vegas daily by appointment with 3 or more days advance notice.

  • Q: Must I be sponsored to take the examination?
    No. To obtain a license you need an employing broker, but this is not required for testing.

  • Q: What is the test like?
    It is a standardized, multiple choice examination and is administered by Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI). The test consists of two parts, a national portion and a Nevada portion (given together). The national portion has 100 questions. The Nevada portion consists of 40 questions regarding NRS 645, 113, 116,119, 119A and 119B. A passing grade of 75% is needed on each part of the examination.
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  • Q: What if I fail one portion of the examination?
    You must retake the failed portion only. However, both parts must be passed and a license application submitted within a twelve month period.

  • Q: If I am licensed elsewhere, must I take both parts?
    Generally you must take both portions, unless you have tested in the last 12 months in another state.

  • Q: What education is required for a Nevada license?
    It depends on which license you are seeking. Read on.

  • Q: Is any of my past continuing education work recognized?
    No, only pre-licensing courses are recognized.

  • Q: Must I take the course before scheduling the test?
    No. Of course it is recommended that you complete the coursework, but this is required only for the license application, not before the examination.

  • Q: Does any of my experience count?
    For a broker or broker-salesperson candidate, yes; but not for a salesman.

  • Q: What is the education required for a broker?
    A total of 64 semester credits in college level courses (or equivalent quarter units) including:
    *These courses are available through Southern Nevada School of Real Estate.
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  • Q: What experience will count toward the broker's education?
    For brokers, each two full years of full-time active experience are considered to be equivalent to 16 college credits. Any 16 credits can be waived; however there is no waiver the 18 classroom hours of Nevada Law and 45 hours of Real Estate Brokerage Management. Periods of less than two years are not considered. Part-time activity, (less than 30 hours weekly) is not considered. Experience from any other state is recognized. The license under which the experience was acquired may be a broker, broker-salesman or salesman's license. The license must still be valid; experience under licenses which have lapsed might not be recognized. Experience DOES NOT waive the required Broker Management and Nevada Law Course. Past experience as a salesman must be verified with a statement from those employing brokers. Experience as a broker must be verified from the state in which the experience was gained.

  • Q: What is the education for broker-salesmen?
    The education required for broker-salesmen is identical to that required for a broker including the college level coursework and/or experience waiver.

  • Q: What education is required for a salesman?
    The total course is 90 hours consisting of: * These courses are available through Southern Nevada School of Real Estate.
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  • Q: What if I have already taken courses in Principles, Practices and Law already?
    You must show the Real Estate Division proof of completion of 45 hours of Principles and Practices and 45 hours of Law. These courses may be taken at a state approved private school or a college or university (3 semester credits are the equivalent of 45 clock hours). You would have to complete the 18 hours of Nevada License Law unless these courses were taken at a school, college or university in Nevada.

  • Q: What if I have taken 45 hours of Principles?
    You would have to complete the remaining 45 hours of Law including the Nevada Law.

  • Q: Does my experience count toward this?
    No, coursework only. Experience may assist a broker or salesperson-broker candidate only, but not a salesman candidate.
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